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Create a visual

language that supports a community

Artworks is a not for profit creative arts organisation, inspiring and helping adults with learning disabilities to achieve their potential and develop important life skills through creative workshops and placements.

"Vicki and David created some incredible illustrations of our artists, a film animation and a detailed plan for inclusive guidelines which have been invaluable resources." 
Liz Carrington, ArtWorks Co-Founder


"ThomFong communicated well with our artists using visual picture cards to help people explain their point of view and how different designs made them feel."
Kayliegh Cruickshank, ArtWorks Co-Founder

Katie colour meanings.jpg

"They have helped inform our future branding to ensure it is accessible and clear for our artists with learning disabilities and autism."
Liz Carrington, ArtWorks Co-Founder


To modernise skills based learning methods for the ArtWorks Community to support the process of independence and autonomy.



Designed and delivered a series of workshops to the ArtWorks service users, with a focus on gaining insight into their characters, opinions and day to day activities. Engaged the ArtWorks community and public with print prototypes, film and sculpture to inform design direction.


  • Qualitative visual communication research data, bespoke to their users.

  • Short Film premiered during the 2017 Paralympics in Sheffield.

  • Visual Communication Guidelines.

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