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University East London

Brand a community, promote the process

University of East London is a public university located in the London Borough of Newham, London. The Fashion department at UEL offers a range of course that prepare students for a career within the fashion industry.

"Their work and concentrated efforts on giving students and exceptional experience was and is a high priority for them."
Simon Robertshaw, Vice Chancellor Ravensbourne University

"Vicki and David pitched an idea that was not only inspirational and well-designed but also innovative in its approach to the relevant content.
Simon Robertshaw, Vice Chancellor Ravensbourne University

"The output “PROCESS” is only one part of the story, a journey that illustrates a successful and empowering education for our students."
Simon Robertshaw, Vice Chancellor Ravensbourne University

"As a senior manager and academic having worked in a number of universities, what becomes evident is that you can trust certain people to not only deliver, but go beyond your expectations."
Simon Robertshaw, Vice Chancellor Ravensbourne University


To build and develop a brand identity that celebrated community and ingenuity from the students and staff team at the University of East London. To communicate the creative process of students and graduates from the Fashion and Textiles department.



Interviewing students and graduates, and collating a variety of images from the department of Fashion and Textiles. Developing content and events that engaged with a broad audience that included prospective students and industry for the purpose of recruitment, employment and collaboration,


  • Event strategies and management

  • Annual production of brochures and social media content

  • Facilitation of across programme co-design projects with students from Fashion Design, Fashion Textiles, Fashion Marketing, Graphic Design and Virtual Interaction Design

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