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Aspinall Foundation

Introduce conservation to young visitors 

The Aspinall Foundation is an internationally renowned animal conservation charity who are world leaders in the breeding and protection of endangered animals.

"Vicki and David were passionate about getting the perspective of our keepers and rangers. Their voice came through in our educational and adventure books thanks to the focused and driven approach from concept to completion.
Carole Thomas, Marketing and Communications Manager

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"Working with David and Vicki was effortless and a lot of fun. They encapsulated the brief with dynamic ideas that aligned with our values. They delivered a new and exciting translation of what we offer our customers.
Carole Thomas, Marketing and Communications Manager


To design a series of engaging educational booklets and event ideas for the staff team and public, which supports the Aspinall Foundation’s mission in the conservation of endangered animals from around the World.



A series of on site visits and online meetings with the Aspinall Foundation education team, keepers and rangers to learn about their roles, how they engage with the public, and their passion for the animals they look after.  Thorough understanding of the Aspinall Foundation’s brand guidelines to be implemented into the development of the visual and verbal language in the final outcomes. Research into UK education key stage levels 2 and 3 to inform and develop engaging challenges and interactions for young visitors and their families.


  • An in depth proposal of outcomes that aided the marketing and communications team to co-direct and strategically budget the project

  • A collection of illustrations based on animals conserved within the Aspinall Foundation Parks

  • Four educational booklets targeted at UK Key Stages 2 and 3 learners for use in on-site workshops and school visits around the UK

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