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Building Digital UK

Visualise research, promote interaction

The Government's Building Digital UK (BDUK) is transforming people’s lives by helping to bring fast and reliable broadband and mobile coverage to hard-to-reach places across the UK.

"The outputs were eye-catching, different and useable." 
Dr Marion Lean, Co-Design Coach and Researcher

"It was impressive that they managed to work with the constraints to offer some unique yet viable solutions."
Dr Marion Lean, Co-Design Coach and Researcher

"My favourite is the Rural Snakes and Ladders. 
A quite simple translation of research insights into an accessible and informative experience."

Dr Marion Lean, Co-Design Coach and Researcher


To create a series of graphic symbols and visual stories that translate research outcomes from the Government's Building Digital UK (BDUK) incentive. A government funded project to offer faster broadband to rural areas around the United Kingdom.



Outcome analysis and discussion with the research team to fully understand the impact of the research findings. The design of a collection of graphic illustrations and animations that symbolically represent the impact of the team’s research that was accessible to the staff teams within the department. To strive towards creating innovative ideas that explore how to tell factual stories of research to public audiences.


  • Illustrations formatted in three different colour ways, ready for utiisation in publications and internal presentations

  • An interactive digital manual listing each illustration file within categories and descriptions developed with the staff team at BDUK

  • An interactive animation that served as a dynamic infographic to explain the impact of research

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