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Riskee and the Ridicule

Align artwork with opinion

Riskee and the Ridicule is a British grime punk band from Kent, England. They combine grime, hip hop and metal influences to make an exciting and unique sound.

"We loved the album artwork, it really represents us and what we believe in.
Riskee and the Ridicule

"The videos were fun and lo-fi which represents the accessibility that the band believes in.
Riskee and the Ridicule

"Vicki and David came up with ideas that we would never have thought of.
Riskee and the Ridicule


To design artworks that represent the band’s new album and the messages it conveys within the song lyrics, and engage their fans with creative social media content.



Attendance of live gigs to gain insight into the experience they offer their fans and community. Analysis of song lyric narratives to creatively visualise themes and statements. Meeting with the band to discuss ideas and a variety of merchandise formats for vinyl, CDs, t-shirts, and digital promotional material. Plan and direct photoshoots, and create a series of props that dynamically enhance the messages conveyed in the artwork development. Capture live performances and develop music videos that explored fun and lo-fi methods to engage the band’s community of fans


  • Album artwork formatted for vinyl and CD

  • A collection of graphic T-shirt prints

  • Promotional material for the band’s social media platforms

  • A series of music videos

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